Unemployment Madness

By: Deann Dawson







It seems like unemployment nowadays is the norm, a dirty plague that does not seem to go away. You’re stuck in a jobless rut that is getting worse with each passing day. Your days are filled with television watching and surfing the net for hours on end because there is simply nothing else to do while you’re at home all day.

When your unemployment was fresh you would constantly send out resumes to countless business’s hoping that one of them would have pity and call you in for an interview. Sometimes you would even pound the pavement in search for a job that you can just walk in and get hired on the spot. Of course, that turns out to be unsuccessful as well. So you ask everyone you know if they heard of any opening in their office but no one has good news. You were enthusiastic then, but as the days turn into months or perhaps even years you’re just stuck with no prospects. You have reached unemployment madness.

Remember the good old days when you would enter a store and just buy something that you like just because you could? Ah how sweet it was to flash that beautiful credit card and walk out merrily with your items in hand. Now you can barely walk into a store to buy a soda because money is so tight. You had so many hopes and dreams of doing something special with the money that you spent years saving. But because unemployment has surpassed a year you had to spend your money to pay bills and other expenses. You dream of the day when someone would call you up with a job offer that you simply cannot refuse. You even fantasize that a former employer saw the error of their ways and decided to beg for your services again. In reality however it does not happen and so the saga continues. You keep hearing that the economy will turn around but it’s not happening fast enough for you so you panic. Many individuals today are in absolute fright because they are unsure of what the future holds for them.

One of the things that can be of some comfort is to realize your value. Do not sell yourself short, you will get a job if you continue to persevere. Believing this will help you to cope with the utter madness that you are facing being unemployed. Knowing that you have something valuable to offer and keeping a positive attitude can go very far in your job hunt. Explore all options. Go to job sites and submit your resumes. Try networking sites that can connect you with important people who can help you. Start writing online or even try to see if you can start your own business. Remember that there are always other options, so don’t give up the search, because that will be when the true madness begins.

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